The Advantages of Design-Build For Your Custom Home

An experienced team of designers and builders can bring your dream home to life. If you have the perfect vision for your Colorado custom home, a design-build approach simplifies the construction process and gives you the desired results. The benefits of hiring design-builders for your residential project in Colorado include:

1. Accountability

A design-build firm oversees a project from start to end, resulting in an efficient and straightforward process.

When entering into a design-build contract, a single entity is held accountable for your results. This means the appointed project manager is responsible for controlling costs through the design and construction phases of the work and handle any conflict between the design team and the construction team in order to keep the project on track. Additionally, there’s complete transparency in the process, where budgets, timelines, and parameters are worked out in advance.

2. Budget Management

More times than not, aspiring homeowners often find that an architect’s initial design is not within budget when they put it out to bid. As a result, you may have to add to your original budget, revise the plans, or abandon the design altogether in such cases.

In contrast, a design-build firm establishes a clear budget from the onset and is familiar with building and finishing prices. When the builder is involved in the design process early on, they can point out pitfalls with the design that can have an impact on the budget.

3. Collaboration

A design-build firm brings together construction and design staff to work towards a common goal. Thus, problem-solving and collaboration become easier.

A design-build approach also helps to streamline the construction process and avoid duplicate activities. With the designer and contractor not working in tandem, the potential for complications is greater. For example, it’s not uncommon for a designer to miss a construction detail in their drawings that the builder can otherwise point out prior to construction, avoiding costly delays.

4. Speed

The design-build approach to building a custom home in Colorado can save months of design time and pre-planning. First, there’s no delay between the design phase and the building phase where bids from multiple builders are collected. Second, the construction and design happen concurrently allowing your project to unfold seamlessly and quickly. What’s more, we can identify and solve potential challenges during the design process before they interrupt construction and cause delays.

5. Peace of Mind

Many homeowners prefer the design-build approach because they only have one single point of contact. When you have all of the experts under one umbrella, you won’t have to spend your own time and resources coordinating the different individuals involved. These professionals already know how to work together to achieve your goals. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with conflicting advice from the architect and contractor. Working with one company takes the stress out of this process.

Given the complex nature of creating a luxury custom home, you want an experienced and expert team by your side. If you’re building a custom home in the Denver or Boulder area, consider a design-build method of delivery with Cornerstone Homes.