The Appliance World is Steaming Up

Steam Appliances are a Hot Trend For Luxury Homebuyers

Steam is roughly 212 degrees fahrenheit, so it should be no surprise that this appliance trend is beyond hot. When building a luxury home, including of-the-moment touches can make all the difference. Here are our five can’t-miss, steam appliances for your next build.

Miele combi steam appliance

1. Miele Combi Steam Oven XL

Miele’s DGC67001XL Combi-Steam Oven XL not only adds the flexibility of steam cooking, its sleek design can bring a touch of modern sophistication to rustic builds or even complement a minimalist-modern aesthetic. Plus, touch controls and a motorized control panel bring any style into the future, seamlessly integrating technology into a homeowner’s routine.

The XL cavity can prepare food for ten people at once, making it perfect for clients who require a catering kitchen or enjoy entertaining. After the entertaining is over, the flush door makes cleanup a breeze with no nooks and crannies for grease to get stuck in. But, what really sets this oven apart is the combination of MasterChef settings and Combi-Steam functionality. With the combination of hot air and steam, vegetables and meat come out of the oven with a crispy outside, yet stay moist and soft on the inside. MasterChef settings save homeowners time and energy, with numerous automated cooking programs to pick from.

Gaggenau Countertop Steam appliance

2. Gaggenau 200 Series Built in Countertop Steamer

Colorado, like much of the country, is on a health kick, and luxury homebuyers are willing to pay to keep their health in pristine condition, making the Gaggenau VK230714 400 Series Built-In Countertop steamer an obvious choice.

Steaming is a gentle and healthy way to prepare food, because it helps raw foods maintain more nutrients than conventional cooking techniques. Additionally, this cooking method preserves flavor, producing a succulent finished product. Plus, the residual water from the steaming process is great for the industrious cook who makes stock from scratch.

LG Clothing Steamer Steam Appliance

3. LG Styler Steam Clothing Care System

Ready to take your closet designs to the next level? Then it may be time to consider the LG S3RFBN

Styler Steam Clothing Care System. Not only does this steam closet reduce wrinkles, it has a special mechanism to keep a homeowner’s pants creased while it freshens them. While steam is gentle on delicates and items that need to be dry cleaned, steam also powerfully removes odors and bacteria, keeping your clothes as fresh as possible.

You will love their newfound ability to sanitize everything from silk to teddy bears at the push of a button. Suddenly, delicate items that had to hang dry can be steam dried in a snap.

Plus, homeowners looking for a smart home will love the ability to control this appliance via their smartphone. Finally, evening looks will be ready before rush hour is even over.

Available by special order at Mountain High Appliance.

Samsung washer dryer steam appliance

4. Samsung FlexWash

Speaking of clothing care, expensive clothes come with big price tags and even bigger laundry care tags. With Samsung FlexWash, you can run delicates and duvets simultaneously with the flexibility of two separate washing compartments. If that weren’t impressive enough, this washing machine comes with a steam wash cycle that helps to lift tough to clean stains and handle delicates with care. Samsung’s PowerFoam technology also ensures that no matter the size of the load, clothes come out extremely clean.

Like the LG Styler, you will adore the ability to control their machine from your phone, another added benefit to this steam appliance.

JennAir Downdraft

5. Jenn-Air Downdraft

While steam is the hottest trend, there’s some places it shouldn’t be: namely, creating a haze over a range or cooktop. The Jenn-Air JXD7836BS easily whisks away unwanted odors, steam, and smoke from your cooktop. Controlled via remote, the downdraft rises from the countertop and then disappears again at the push of a button. This product integrates so easily into any counter, you may even forget it’s there.

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