King Ranch

Location: Boulder, Colorado | View Gallery

Description: Perched just above Sunshine Canyon, this 6,500 square foot stone-wrapped home hides beneath the beautiful lodgepole pines that cover the mountainside. The king post timber frame provided by Colorado Timberframe continues throughout the house with ambient lighting and luxurious statement chandeliers by Restoration Hardware. One of the design challenges of this home was to minimize the impact of the site during construction. As a result, a bridge that connects the house to the south-facing garage was built over a hillside, preserving the site’s natural grading and rocky characteristics.

King Ranch is capable of providing 100% of its own energy needs with over 75kw of solar cells. A remote program called Sense allows the homeowners to monitor energy production via iPhone and confirm the excess production during the summer months which is transferred to local utility, Xcel Energy.
The entire house was designed to be energy efficient with additional features that are appealing in both form and function. 100% of all window and door openings, including the sliding glass doors that lead to over 2,500 sf of outdoor patios and deck, are protected by electronically controlled shutter systems that can completely seal the home during heavy weather.